Medical Supplies

Great American Medical Supply provides a custom solution to urological, incontinence, wound care and ostomy supply needs in the home.

Great American works with all manufacturers to come up with the best option to create independence in your bladder, bowel and wound care regimen.
Our product specialist are here to assist you in your needs.

Please see below for a list of products and services we provide to promote care, safety, healthy living, and independence.

Medical Supplies List

Supplies for all of your needs!

Urology Supplies

Intermittent catheters
Straight Tip Catheters
Coude Tip Catheters
Closed System Catheters
Foley Catheters
Male external Catheters
Drainage Products
Leg bags & accessories  


Incontinence Supplies 
(Adult, Youth, Pediatric)

Disposable Briefs
Disposable Pull-ups
Mattress Protectors
Protective Wipes


Wound Care Supplies

Foam dressings
Alginate dressings
Hydrogel dressings
Hydrocolloid dressings
Collagen dressings
Compressions wraps  


Ostomy Supplies

Drainable and Closed end pouches
Skin barriers
Barrier rings  


On Demand Pro Program

Ask us about our "OnDemand Pro Program"

Our dedicated team of medical supply experts that help patients and family reach independence and comfort!

Our Guarantee

We provide a fast, friendly process to guarantee customer satisfaction.
We offer free samples to find the perfect product with access to over 20,000 different product options.
Our reorder team is dedicated to your product needs to ensure you never run out of supplies. 

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Medical Supplies With Us - Step by Step

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